The Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Image Bank is a collection of over 900 images, developed from adaptations of UNICEF’s Community Infant and Young Child Feeding Counselling Package. These, and other similar images about recommended IYCF practices, have been used in more than 70 countries for counseling and training to promote behavior change for improved maternal and child nutrition.

UNICEF and USAID Advancing Nutrition have partnered to make these images available for others to download, adapt, and use freely for any not-for-profit purposes. Please see the How to Credit page for more information on how to appropriately credit the use of these images.

Please use the search bar below to begin your search. You can use keywords or limit your search by collection, country, or topic using the drop-down menus.

To learn more about adapting these images for your program or how to create your own, please visit our About and Resources pages.

For SBCC Summit Skills-Building Workshop Participants

During the workshop Adapting High-Quality Illustrations from the IYCF Digital Image Bank — No Art Skills Necessary!, we will be using PhotoPea to conduct a live tutorial to explore Image Bank Images!

To follow along with Activity 2 and Activity 3 in our tutorial, use one of two options below:

Option 1

Use the button below to open our tutorial file in PhotoPea – no software download needed!

Option 2

Download this file directly, and open it in an image editing software that supports layers (Photoshop, GNU Image Processor, or Photopea).


The IYCF Digital Image Bank can only grow with your contributions! If you have images to upload to the Bank, please contact to discuss submission and crediting details. Thank you!

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