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Avoid all Breastfeeding

Generic C-IYCF Package (UNICEF | 2011)
Avoid all Breastfeeding

Key Messages

  • Infant feeding recommendations are given to the mother at health facility.
  • Exclusive replacement feeding (giving ONLY infant formula) for the first 6 months eliminates the chance of passing HIV through breastfeeding.
  • Replacement feeding is also accompanied with provision of ARVs for the mother (at least 1 week after birth) and the infant (for six weeks after birth).
  • Maintaining the mother’s central role in feeding her baby is important for bonding and may also help to reduce the risks in preparation of replacement feeds.
  • Mixed feeding (feeding baby both breast milk and any other foods or liquids, including infant formula, animal milks, or water) before 6 months greatly increases the chances of an HIVinfected mother passing HIV to her baby.
  • Mixed feeding is always dangerous for babies less 6 months. A baby less than 6 months has immature intestines. Other food or drinks than breast milk can cause damage to the baby’s stomach. This makes it easier for HIV and other diseases to pass to the baby.
  • Support the mother to feed her child:
  • No mixed feeding
  • No dilution of formula
  • Help mother read instructions on formula tin
  • Feed the baby with a cup
  • See Special Circumstances Card 2
  • Refer to health facility if her baby gets sick with diarrhoea or other illnesses or she has difficulty obtaining sufficient formula.

Reminder: This Counselling Card is only for countries where national policy for HIV exposed infants is exclusive replacement feeding OR for mothers who decided at the health facility to opt out of breastfeeding + ARVs.