When you are separated from your baby

Generic C-IYCF Package (UNICEF | 2011)
When you are separated from your baby

Key Messages

  • Learn to express your breast milk soon after your baby is born. (CC 9)
  • Breastfeed exclusively and frequently for the whole period that you are with your baby.
  • Express and store breast milk before you leave your home so that your baby’s caregiver can feed your baby while you are away.
  • Express breast milk while you are away from your baby. This will keep the milk flowing and prevent breast swelling.
  • Teach your baby’s caregiver how to use a clean open cup to feed your baby while you are away.
  • Expressed breast milk (stored in a cool, covered place) stays in good condition for 8 hours, even in a hot climate.
  • Take extra time for the feeds before separation from baby and when you return home.
  • Increase the number of feeds while you are with the baby. This means increasing night and weekend feedings.
  • If possible, carry the baby with you to your work place (or anytime you have to go out of the home for more than a few hours). If this is not possible, consider having someone bring the baby to you to breastfeed when you have a break.
  • Get extra support from family members in caring for your baby and other children, and for doing household chores.

 Notes for a working mother with formal employment:

  • Get your employer’s consent for:
  • breastfeeding breaks at your work place and flexible working hours • safe storage of expressed breast milk at your work place